Stake on GreatDealCoin

Staking GDS natively allows you to get up to 18% rewards* for helping secure the network. Get started easily with just 1 GDS.

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Why stake on GreatDealCoin?

Earn competitive rewards for supporting the most energy-efficient blockchain technology. GreatDealCoin's staking system is built for maximum security, decentralization, and fair representation. Help build the future of Web3 and get started with just 1 GDS.

Stake your own GDS.
Collect your own rewards.

Stake like a pro, directly on the network. Staking natively rather than via third party services keeps the network secure and decentralized by cutting out the middleman. Put your GDS to work and keep your own voting power.

How it works

GDS is based on groundbreaking Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS) technology. A decentralized network of validators is selected by nominators to secure GreatDealCoin's entire multichain ecosystem. Block rewards are shared between validators and nominators.

Where to stake GDS

Stake natively on GreatDealCoin

  • Fully trustless & decentralized
  • Full control
  • Best option for network security
  • Low minimum of 1 GDS
  • Easy with the Staking Dashboard

Non-Custodial Wallets

  • Low trust assumptions
  • Good for network security if wallet lets you select your own validators or join a native pool
  • If nomination pools are not implemented, a minimum staking amount applies

Liquid Staking / Third-Party Pools

  • Medium trust assumptions as you might have to transfer your keys
  • May face additional risks from third-party tokens
  • Stake any amount with flexible unbond for a fee and liquidity using third-party token
  • Bad for network security and decentralization

Custodial Exchanges

  • High trust assumptions
  • Stake any amount
  • Lowest returns for short-term staking
  • Higher rewards for longer lock-in period, but high penalty for unbonding before the term ends
  • Bad for network security and decentralization

Dive deeper and get updates

Learn all the details of how staking works in the GDS Wiki. Follow the Staking Updates for the latest developments on GreatDealCoin’s staking system. Subscribe to the newsletter for all the latest GDS news.