About Our Company

Great Deal Coin (GDS) connects the retail food world. These new digital tendencies are no longer restricted to the minds of a few; the globe is advancing at a rapid rate in this new alphanumeric age.

GDS Ecosystem
GDS is the most secure hybrid blockchain based ecosystem in the world, bridging the gap between retail market and crypto currencies. A platform that enables crypto-based retail payments in the real world while also authorizing crypto transactions in the Metaverse.

Great Deal Coin Unique Features

NFTs have certain unique features.
Each token is assigned a unique identifier that is tied to a single blockchain address.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of GDS (GDS):

  • They are not interchangeable with other tokens. For example, one ETH is the same as another ETH. This is not true of NFTs
  • Each token has a unique owner, which is easily verified.
  • They exist on the blockchain and may be purchased and sold on any NFT market that is. based on the blockchain.
  • In other words, if you own an NFT: You can simply demonstrate that you own it.
  • Establishing ownership of an NFT is quite similar to proving ownership of ETH in your account.
  • Assume you buy an NFT, and ownership of the one-of-a-kind token is transferred to your wallet through your public address.
  • The token verifies that your digital file copy is the original.
  • Your private key is proof of ownership of your uniqueness.
  • The public key of the content producer serves as a certificate of authenticity for that specific digital product.